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Establish Your Brand

When you use these strategies, you'll quickly find yourself becoming known as the go-to expert in your community, for your specialization. Imagine becoming the first person referral sources think of to send their patients

Increase Your Income

You deserve to get paid well for all the life-changing work you do. Whether you're looking to drop off insurance panels, or you can't take insurance yet... you'll never again have to rely on insurance to send you referrals

Attract Your Ideal Clients

By implementing our proven system into your practice, you could soon find your book filling up with your ideal clients... so you can spend less time on marketing, and more time doing what you do best - caring for your clients

Discover Dr. Deb Legge's Proven 4-Step Private Pay Process

Stop relying insurance and take full control of your practice!

Success With Private Pay Is Only 4-Steps Away

Our Proven 4-Step Private Pay Process Walkthrough


DEFine your ideal client & target market

Too many therapists have the false belief that “any client is a good client” and will accept anyone with a pulse and a pocketbook...

But the most successful therapists know - the fastest path to a thriving practice is...

To define these two things using meaningful specifics...NOT vague generalities...

target market


Identify optimal Referral Sources

The second step, is to identify potential referral sources within this target market

People like, Doctors, Employers, Administrators, Parents and Clergy who have access to large groups of your ideal clients...

And find the gatekeepers who can get your name in front of them...

referral sources


makE the important first connection

Next, It’s time to connect with these potential referral partners to establish a relationship.

You'll discover how you can do this in a unique way, using a Fill-In-The-Blank proven template, called the M-1 Letter - which not only gets you noticed...

But almost instantly transforms you into a trusted resource within your community... even if you are completely "unknown" to them now...

making connections


elevate the connection with value

The fourth and final step is to ELEVATE your relationships with these influential people...

You'll do this using something we call Market Magnets. These Market Magnets consist of proven, Elevation campaigns, designed to make it effortless to provide value to these valuable resources in your market...

When used correctly, once you set these campaigns in motion...

provide value

90% of the“Relationship Building” Work Has Already Been Done for You... Before You Even Speak A Word To Anyone

Meet Your Private Pay Practice Growth Team

Dedicated To Helping You Clarify, Achieve, And Exceed Your Business & Life Goals

Dr. Deb Legge

Founder, CEO 

Renowned Speaker, Coach & Private Practice Mentor

Over the past 26 years Dr. Legge has helped thousands of therapists achieve success with private pay.  By teaching others the same proven strategies she uses to keep her own practice filled with 80-90% self-pay clients, Deb has empowered clinicians all across the country to grow thriving sustainable practices faster than they ever thought possible.

Jay Deiboldt

Jay Deiboldt

Head of Customer Success

Digital Marketing Expert

Jay is our resident digital marketing expert.  He has architected marketing campaigns that have grossed more than $60 million in sales for clients, and now he's here, to make sure you succeed with your marketing too

Annmarie Legge

Annmarie Legge, LMHC

Community Manager

Chief Happiness Officer

After using these Private Pay Practice strategies to go from 0 to 24 private pay sessions per week in only 60 days. Annmarie now focuses on helping our newest members to achieve similar success

Jim Legge Jr.

Head of Operations

Practice Management Expert

Jim has over 45 years experience managing companies both large and small.  Together, Jim and Deb Legge have built and grown multiple 6-figure private practices, managing as many as 25 therapists at one time

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We've Been Helping Therapists Grow Successful Private Pay Practices For Over 26 Years

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Private Pay Practice is a family owned business.

We care about, and treat each and every member of our growing community like they are a part of our family too.

Our mission is to give you the knowledge, tools, support, and guidance to create the business, and life you've always dreamed of.

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