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Video 1: The Truth About Private Pay

If you want to start seeing more private pay clients, you first need to make this one very important shift in how you think about what you do...


How One Unusual 'Shortcut' Can Start Filling Your Book With Private Pay Clients

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NOW  PLAYING: The Truth About Private Pay

Before you can start adding more private pay clients to your book, you need to make this 1 change...

The Truth About Private Pay:
Why most therapists never achieve the results they deserve

NEXT: The Crucial Conversation

The Key to answering the all-important "insurance question"  *BONUS: Proven Private Pay Phone Script

The Crucial Conversation: The key to answering the all-important "Insurance Question"

COMING SOON: Case study - Annmarie

How to go from 0-24 private pay sessions a week in a brand new practice in less than 60 days

Case Study: How Annmarie from 0-24 private pay sessions per week in a new practice

Are You Ready To Make This Shift, And Start Making The Kind Of Money You Deserve?​


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