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PHASE 2: Overview

PHASE 2:  Customize

Identify your potential clients' needs, desires and problems and provide a solution that is designed to "speak their language", and compels them to do business with you

FACT: People will only hear you when you speak their language -- it will be music to their ears!  People will only do business with you when they trust that you care enough to give them what they truly need


  • You don't know how to get above the "noise" and get noticed
  • They are flooded with options ("noise") and often don't know how to choose what is best for them


  • Get above the "noise" by speaking to them in their language
  • Help them to see where they are now, and where they can be
  • Teach them that the solution to their problems is YOU!


  • Be seen as and irresistible, investible resource - Attraction
  • Establish credibility, likability and trust with your market  - Earned Confidence
  • You are in charge of what you want them to know about you and what you can do for them - Influence

Sneak Peek: Phase Two Blueprint (You'll complete this at the end of Lesson 8)

Lesson 5 shows you what it takes to get noticed by those who need you most. It helps you to articulate your value in a way that resonates with your market.

Lesson 5: The Language Of Love

Video 5.1  Get Their Attention


Video 5.2  Be Compelling


Video 5.3  Make It All About Them


Once you watch the videos, use the course materials (found below)  to reinforce the concepts, and complete Assignment 5 (found below).  These resources will help you complete your second milestone - the Education-Based Marketing Plan Blueprint found at the end of Phase 2 (week 8)

Course Materials (Click to view or right click to download)

Six Keys to Connection

Market Magnet Sneak Peek: Sample of Directory Ad

Lesson 5:  Assignment